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What’s Not to Love About Aprons and Sewing?

One of my favorite things in the world is……. APRONS!!!!  Why do I love aprons????  What’s not to love!  Let’s see, they keep your clothes clean when you are cooking; they signal to your brain it’s “time to work” when you are cleaning or just when you put them on; they make you look like you’ve been working!  (gotta love that! ha ha); if they have pockets, you have a hundred more uses! (and always a tissue near by!); and they make the most wonderful gifts!  My only problem with them is that I just don’t have enough!  My sweet mother-in-law gave me my first apron for a birthday present probably about 10 years ago.  I wore that thing almost every day for years.  I still have it, but it is super worn!  It even has a hole through the center.  I learned to love wearing aprons because of this thoughtful gift she made for me.  I simply LOVE wearing aprons!  In fact, I think everyone that knows me well has seen me in one of my aprons. (And so have all my neighbors! LOL!)

Since that first gift to me, I have sewn quite a few aprons to give away.  The cutest are the little ones.  I’ve made boy ones, girl ones and a bar-b-que one for my hubby.  I have used many different patterns, and my favorite pattern is one I found at a quilting store.  It is in book form and has the apron patterns in it to trace off with all the different sizes.  I love this book!  (Here is a link if you want to get this book for yourself:  (and NO….this is NOT an affiliate post…. I just happen to love this pattern book!)  I have been able to make most of the aprons in it and I just love them!  Changing the fabric and trims you use can give them an entirely different look.

I decided to make an apron today to mail off as a gift.  I forget how much I love to sew until I actually sit down to do it!  There is just something about sewing beautiful things that feeds my soul in a way that is hard to describe.

(And it doesn’t get any better when you can sew something you absolutely LOVE!)

I love being able to sit back and look at what I have made.  There is so much about being a mother that seems to get “undone” before anyone notices that it was actually “done.”  For example, how long do you get to admire a clean kitchen floor?  Not long at my house!  How about how nice the laundry looks done and folded!  (ha ha) How about a 3 course meal?  Well, let’s be real here, there’s no 3 course meal at my house, but no matter what I cook, it doesn’t last long!  (and the clean-up always takes longer than the cooking AND eating part!)

You get my point…. I guess that’s why in some ways sewing feeds my soul.  No one’s going to eat it up, or mess it up…. whatever I have sewn, I can look at, admire, and actually “see” some progress on my day!  (It looks like I actually did something! ha ha) What a blessing that is to me!  Having an outlet like sewing has been great therapy!  (Everyone needs an outlet!!)  Taking this time out of my day always makes me feel happy.  I always feel blessed to be able to express love through sewing a gift.  Handmade gifts can speak volumes to someone who may need a kind word or their spirits lifted.  I have been the recipient of many handmade gifts and I have appreciated each one!

Happy apron sewing my friends!


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