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Sewing Room Dress Form Pincushion

Okay, I have been working on cleaning out my sewing room for what seems like years.  I have finally gone through most everything.  I have just a few more boxes left to go through.  I am so excited to be using my space!  What I have loved doing the most is decorating the room with some fun and cheap decorations.  Giving my sewing room a little “love” has made me so happy!

For me, the decorations seem to lift my spirits the minute I walk in.  Have you ever had a room in your home that you just love?  From the moment you walk in, you just feel better, more relaxed and it makes you smile.  I am loving my sewing space!  Today I want to share my dress form pincushion with you.

Dress Form Decoration
Dress Form Pincushions

I absolutely love dress forms!  They add a touch of class and style.   I love the metal ones and I love the decorative ones with prints.  I have an actual dress form to use when I am sewing dresses, but it isn’t that pretty.  I keep it in my closet and get it out when I want to use it.  I wanted a smaller one to decorate with and spent a long time shopping at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and other craft stores looking for something small that would be the right color to work in my space.  I found a few dress forms I loved, but NOT the price.  With eight kids, I have to be really careful when it comes to anything “extra.”  (Which is most everything!)

I found this link to make your own small dress form and I loved it!  I thought I could totally sew one up.  The first one I sewed up was hilarious!  I didn’t take pictures because it was so bad!  You weren’t even sure if the form was a boy or girl.  That just was NOT going to work!  So I gave it another try and this time I think I succeeded. 🙂 I found it at  They even have an awesome video to help!  These ladies are quite talented!  There is also a free pattern you can print.

I added a little skirt to finish mine off and I love how it turned out! I just pinned it on for placement and then hot-glued it.  I kind of love it!  It is one of the sweetest decorations in my room and makes me smile each time I look at it! These sweet forms would also work in a girls bedroom!

Happy Sewing and Decorating!




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