Keep Going, You’ve Got This!

It’s been just over a year that I started writing posts for my blog.  I think I went online sometime in January or February of 2017.  This has been such an up and down journey for me.  (More than I could ever express in words.)

It’s a lot like life.  There are definitely some “bumps” in the road and you have to be prepared to adjust!  Have you ever thought you had a really good idea and felt like no one believed in you, or that you started to doubt in yourself???  Did you start to lose your vision of what you were inspired to do?  I have!  (I am still figuring out this blogging journey I am on!)  I have gotten side-tracked and de-railed so many times with different projects.  In my sewing room I affectionately call them U.F.O.’s, that’s short for “Unfinished Objects!” (or “U.F.D.’s”… which is Un-Fulfilled Dreams)

Sometimes we lose our drive, sometimes we feel like we get in over our head, many times it’s just our own fears that are holding us back, as I learned from an awesome blog post today.  I know I have felt that way with so many things.  As I was thinking about this, I thought of a sewing project from years ago.

Many years ago, I was talking to a friend that had a problem needing a dress for her daughter for a wedding reception and they looked everywhere and just couldn’t find one.  So they ended up buying a pattern to make one and then began their search for someone to make it for them.  Well, I was trying to be helpful and I offered to just “look” at her pattern to see if I could help.  The pattern was an “easy” pattern…. but what “easy” really means is that you know how to read a pattern and that you have actually sewn dresses before!  It doesn’t mean, “I really like to sew and I’m helping someone out, so this will be “easy”!

Well, before I could say “no,” I had committed to sewing a bridesmaid dress because it was “easy,” and she had no one else to help her.  Are you following me on this??  Yeah, you guessed it… the dress was not exactly “easy” and I didn’t exactly know how to put in a zipper or sew fancy french seams on super sheer fabric, but I didn’t give up and I learned.  It wasn’t perfect, but when I knew I was in way over my head, I offered a LOT of prayers and slowly I figured it out with Heaven’s help.  The dress fit really well with one exception, which was in the neck and was due to her shape/size and my lack of experience.  I was able to sew-in an insert to fix it and they seemed happy with the dress.  I will say this, it was super stressful and I learned a TON!Keep going, You've Got This!

That takes me back to this blogging business, it’s super stressful and I have learned a ton!  If nothing else, I have learned a lot about myself and a lot about my weaknesses and fears.  Blogging really gets personal and makes you pretty vulnerable.  Why am I relating this experience?  Because we all have something that we want to accomplish and makes us stretch…. and we all need someone to cheer us on.  When we find we are lacking in confidence just remember the little engine that could, “I think I can, I think I can……”  Keep going, keep trying, keep learning!  Never give up or lose hope!

That doesn’t mean that we won’t have to “adjust our sails,” it just means that we will continue to learn and grow and move forward little by little and adjust when needed.  You’ve GOT THIS!!  Keep it up, whatever you started, whatever your bright idea was,  just remember that nothing worthwhile will come easy.  I love this quote:


No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.

– Maeve Greyson

Sometimes, we have to be our own cheerleader!  We have to convince ourselves that we are not going to let fear drive us wherever it wants us to be.  For me, it means I have to force myself to move forward and think positively.

I love what my Dad would always say when I was a little girl…

“If you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream BIG!”

Keep going, keep trying, NEVER GIVE UP! 


Have Sweet Dreams!….. (and keep going!)


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