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Funny High School Registration Story

Okay, for all you out there that like a good laugh, I have a funny story about High School Registration.  Now, my experience so far with High School kids is that in beginning, your kids kind of want you to be involved, and then as they get older, what they really want is just…..

Your signed check!  They also don’t want you to embarrass them because “image” is everything in High School!  (ha ha… as I roll my eyes and laugh!)  Well, I try to be a good mom.  I don’t try to be the “friend-type” mom that gets their kid everything they want and looks like a teenager themselves… not happening here people!  I try to be level-headed and guide my kids the best I can WITHOUT embarrassing them.

So last week I needed to get my daughter Abby registered for High School and it just happened to be earlier in the day so that meant taking my two little girls with us as well.  They are really not that easy to take anywhere so I tried to get them all cute, washed up and smelling good because you know it’s “High School”… and it’s first impressions with the teachers for Abby!

So we get to the High School and Hannah (4) and Allie (2)  seem to be in good moods and it’s all looking good so far.  (I was all set, I even had my “emergency” fruit snacks AND a sucker for when I got really desperate!) We  found out where we needed to be and met with the teacher.  The little girls wanted to explore the classroom a little but the only thing they were interested in was the empty desks…. no harm there right?  So as they played, I watched them, and spoke with Abby’s teacher who was helping us get her registered.  Then my darling little Allie, who we affectionately call “Tornado Allie!”….went off by herself in the back of the classroom in between some desks….hmmmm…… this looks familiar…. kind of like when she’s at home and she goes to find her “spot” in between the kitchen chairs to do her “business”……

Oh NO!!! Seriously???  Not now!!!  I try to make some motions to Allie without Abby’s teacher getting “wind” of what was going on…. remember….first impression here for Abby!  Abby realizes what is going on and starts to smirk.  Luckily Abby’s teacher is still not sure of what’s up, she just knew I was a little distracted by the adorable little 2 year old that was full of mischief!……  I didn’t want to interrupt Allie and prolong the inevitable….but I was also hoping that I “caught” Allie early enough…. so I started mouthing the words “not now” and Allie thought this was really cute!  She started to giggle and then began to say, “Peeeeee…… Pooooo…… Peeeee….Poooooo!”…. (Obviously, I was a little late on catching her! ha ha)  She said this awful expression softly enough that the teacher couldn’t hear but I knew exactly what she was saying and she was saying it for MY BENEFIT!!!!!  She was TAUNTING me!!!  Can you believe this little adorable 2-year-old could actually tell that we didn’t want to embarrass Abby and it was all up to her to do it?????  She had also started walking closer to where we were for maximum effect!  Can you can believe it??!!  So far this was not going as planned! 🙂  I started waving my hand a little and tried shaking my head just so slightly so she would stop, but NO!…this was too much fun for her!!!  I then decided that it was best to snatch my little darling up and run her out to the minivan for a quick change before she ran from me, the next student came in and before this teacher’s classroom smelled like a mother’s lounge!  So I calmly said to the teacher, “We’ll be right back!”  I then took Hannah and Allie and made a fast dash to the minivan for a quick change!  Once I got in the car, I was so glad we had decided to get out quick.  There are dirty diapers, and then there’s “atomic level” diapers…. and “atomic” was the level of trouble we were in! ha ha

After a quick freshening up we bagged the dirty deed and headed back in the High School.  By the time we had got back, Abby was done registering and I just needed to sign the papers.  I was grateful that I couldn’t smell anything “odd” when I got to the classroom and all was well that way!  My daughter Abby was such a good sport about the entire thing and as we were walking out, she laughed and said how cute her little sisters were!  She said she was grateful for them and felt bad for anyone that didn’t have little sisters.  Ahhhh….. love that girl!!!  Not only is she growing up, but she is maturing and she loves her little sisters!  (Even when they don’t smell fresh and try hard to embarrass her!)  That girl has a “mothering heart” AND a sense of humor :)…..  She will someday be a great mom and have adventures such as this…AND be able to laugh about it!

Just another day in “Paradise!”  Never a dull moment when you’re a mom!!!  Happy Mothering!

Amy 🙂

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