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Why Family Traditions Are Important

Lately with the recent Birthdays we have had, I have thought a lot about Family Traditions and why they are important.  It seems to me that Family Traditions connect the past with the present in a remarkable way and provide long-term memories.   It also seems to give us an emotional tie to each other and a feeling of security.  Sometimes, traditions can give us a sense of identity and can be a positive influence in a child’s life.  Think about your favorite childhood memories, did they include a special tradition?  How did you celebrate certain holidays?  Is there something that sticks out in your mind?  Did you have a special vacation spot?  What holiday was your favorite and why?  Was it a certain family reunion?  Was it a special food?

For me, I remember waiting for Christmas with great anticipation even though I knew it wouldn’t be like everyone else’s, but that was okay.  I still loved it and enjoyed just being with my siblings in anticipation of the fun ahead!  I remember Halloween with our own unique family tradition which did not include trick-or-treating.  In fact, I don’t ever remember going trick-or-treating, but I DO remember Halloween with such fondness because of our unique family tradition.  Easter was the same way, I don’t ever remember getting an Easter basket, but I still loved the Holiday and the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  I can still remember making colored sand-filled bottles at one particular Family Reunion and what fun it was!  We loved it!  I also remember our family “skits” and laughing so hard about the T.V. commercials we were imitating.  What a hoot!

What’s neat about traditions is that it is not so much in what you do, but how you feel and the loving memory tied to it.  It’s the people you are with and the feelings of love that are nurtured.  My family did not buy expensive Birthday gifts, or spend a lot on Holiday traditions, but we had great times together.   We loved each other and we enjoyed spending time together.  Isn’t that what’s most important?  It’s not the cost, but the priceless memory that means so much!  

Ask your kids what traditions that they love….. you might be surprised what they love to do!  In fact, we started a Birthday tradition quite accidentally and just recently, my 14-year-old daughter told me that we need to keep it up because they LOVE it!  I didn’t know they liked it that much and I was quite surprised!  The simplest things sometimes mean the most!  You just never know!

What traditions have you started with your family?  Is there a purpose behind them?  Have you considered bringing back a tradition from your childhood and modifying it to meet your current family’s needs?  Have you considered the benefits of certain traditions for building family unity and love?  Is there a tradition that you want carried on to your posterity?  How about a favorite family dish?  Is there something you should be teaching your kids so they can also pass on the goodness?

I have found that there are few traditions that my family has that doesn’t cost a lot of money, but the kids look forward to them!  We have a few Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and 4th of July traditions that tie my family together and are a lot of fun.  The reality is, that most of us have traditions already, but talking about them and keeping them up can really connect our families in a stronger way.  Keep up the good work and let’s keep our families strong!  Remember, it’s the simple things that count the most!  Love is almost always spelled T-I-M-E.

I would love to hear about your favorite traditions!

Happy Memories,





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