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I love Being A Mom!

So many times in the last 19 years as a mom…I have “mothered” my own eight children..(that’s right I have 8 and I adore each one!)….and I have “mothered” kittens, puppies, birds, etc., but beyond that, I have “mothered” my nieces, nephews, my neighbor’s children and the neighbor’s cat or dog….etc.  I think I am just “hard-wired” to “mother” anything and everything!  I LOVE  being a mom!  I LOVE being a Stay-at-home-mom, and I feel so blessed to be able to be home….

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a “mom”, so I started with my kittens and my baby dolls, holding them, snuggling them and taking care of their every imaginary “need”.  It seemed like every Christmas I got a “baby” of some sort to “mother”.  Life was sweet, simple and good!  Life is still sweet and good, but sometimes I over-complicate it with too many commitments and an overall feeling of being “stressed-out” all the time.  I’m sure there are many of you who can relate….What I have learned is that being a mom is harder than I ever imagined and more wonderful than I ever imagined!

So, I’m living “my dream”…..however, the imaginary “needs” of my baby dolls never included “hazmat-type” cleaning in the middle of the night, running an “on-demand” laundry service, and cooking more hot dogs than I dare to admit.  There is also the endless dishes, messes, diapers, taxi driving, and squabble settling that never seems to stop….but I’m living the dream!  It just means I have to adjust my attitude to include all the above job requirements….. I love my kids, and reminding me of this helps cope with the hard parts of my job.  (“I love my kids, I Love my kids, I LOVE MY KIDS”!!)dsc_0926

My very favorite parts of being a mother???  Well, it would have to be those sweet moments when you smile clear to your heart when your kids tell you that they love you for no apparent reason or you see siblings help each other or when you get “special” projects for mom with little notes….or it’s the bear hugs from my kiddos.  It’s when you see a sibling “meet” a new brother or sister and hold them for the first time.  It’s the “breakfast in bed” that totally destroyed your kitchen and made you smile.  It’s in watching them discover new things or accomplish something hard.  It’s the joy you feel when they are kind, and gentle.  It’s the great big ear to ear smile when they smell cookies as they come in the door from a long day at school or work…’s in the “moments”….but I’ve learned that I have to watch for them or I miss them altogether.  Being a Mom is not an easy job, and the rewards of motherhood are in the present, the past and the future.  There are daily rewards, there are sweet memories from yesterday or last year and there will be many rewards in the years to come.  The reward of being Mom can’t really be measured.  It’s finding joy in the “moments”, the little and big things of life!  It’s learning and growing together with your child.  It’s becoming infinitely better because you are a Mom.  Motherhood is a long journey and it is definitely meant to be enjoyed!  Making your “moments” count is part of the joy of being a mom!

You might not “capture” your “moment” today on camera, but you can always “capture” that feeling in your heart, write it down and enjoy it for years to come!  Being a Mom is the best job ever!  Happy trails watching for your “moments” today! 🙂



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