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Winter Magic

Snow Days

We are in the dead of winter where I live and we have had a lot of snow this year!  My kids even had a record number of “snow days” that they didn’t have to go to school because of the snow and weather.  To them it was “magical”!  It was to me as well.  It seemed like we had an endless Christmas vacation and I loved every minute of it!  This year I didn’t want the vacation to end.  We said goodbye to my oldest daughter on December 14th who headed on a mission and it made me a little more clingy to the rest of my kids.  I wanted to relish each moment of Christmas and our vacation.

They are all back in school now and the snow is still coming!  Have you ever noticed how mother nature can cast a magical spell on all the landscape and make even the weeds look pretty?  It’s quite stunning on really cold mornings.  Now, I don’t love the cold, but I do love the photo opportunities!  I love the beauty of a winter landscape and frosty trees.

Beautiful Winter

In my part of the country, winters seem long–so it’s great to cheer things up a bit and “embrace” the season!  Here are some cheap ideas for your winter decor.

Snowflakes in all shapes and sizes.  (Paper, popsicle, twigs, etc.)   Try hanging them from fishing line or invisible thread from different heights.

Have you ever seen tissue paper balls??  They would be seriously cute hanging from the ceiling in shades of blue mixed with your paper snowflakes.  We are getting close to Valentine’s Day, so mixing snowflakes and hearts would also be quite beautiful!  Any way you decorate, will help cast your own “magical” spell on winter in your own home.  Why not celebrate the season?


Have a Happy Day!



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