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Fun and Easy Valentine’s Crafts & Traditions

What’s not to love about Valentine’s decorations?

There are so many great ideas out there!  I’ll share a few that I’ve done and some that have grown into “traditions.”

Valentine’s Bags

First, my kids all-time favorite are these Valentine Bags I made years ago.  My sweet husband hung all these hooks in my entryway for our Christmas stockings and I didn’t want to take the stockings down after the Holidays.  I decided I needed something else to go there and cheer up my entry.

My kids favorite part of these bags is secretly putting treats and notes in everyone’s bag and checking their bags each day for a “surprise.”  I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones that love surprises!  I guess you could say that this decoration has grown into a fun Valentine Tradition……


You can make these from felt and hot glue them or sew them.  Felt doesn’t fray so it’s easy to use and relatively cheap!  You can also use pinking shears to give them a cute edge.  Here’s a close up of one of them…


I know they are not perfect and this was a really quick project…so definitely not my best.  If you are going to hang them, they work a lot better if you use a stiff iron-on stabilizer.  (This helps them keep their shape a little better.)  I think I used a normal sheet of paper as my pattern and just cut the corners for the flap.  You could really make them any size.

If you don’t have a place to hang them, try their chair at the table, or their bedroom door knob, or a coat hook.  You could also lay it on their pillow and encourage them to “make their beds” and “do their chores” and perhaps they’ll find a treat in them later! (I’ve used candy, pencils, flashlights, stickers, notebooks, and handwritten notes to put in them.  A simple small surprise is all that is needed for it to be fun and memorable!  Believe me, just a small note of appreciation does wonders!)



Valentine Wreaths

Another easy project was this Valentine Wreath my friend and I made.  (She even cut out all the circles!!)

Here’s the link of where we found it:

It took a little time, but it wasn’t hard at all!  Just cut circles, (or have a friend cut them :))  fold and pin to a styrofoam wreath.  It’s a fun project that’s super cute and can be used in lots of different ways!….

Valentine Tree

So my girls love to help me come up with ideas to decorate and they always have to be “cheap decorations”….so we came up with a cute idea for our little pre-lit Christmas tree.  We made a candy garland from those darling candy necklaces that you can find by the party supplies in your bigger stores, and we carefully re-hung them without spilling them all over….(because that would have taken too long!)  We also took some pre-made sparkly hearts and hung them from the tree after using some thicker thread and a needle to attach the string.


It turned out pretty cute!


This is how we carefully re-hung the necklace into one long garland!

I feel that Valentine’s Day and “Winter” snowflake decorations are pretty cute together, so some cheap sparkly hearts mixed with some snowflakes hanging from an entryway, I think, would be pretty cute!  Red and white are so cute together, so why not?  Just a few cheap Valentine Decorations can go a long way and cheer up those drab winter days!

Have a happy day!


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