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Why Hot Cookies & Seasonal Decorations Bring Joy!

A Mother’s Joy

Seasonal Valentine Bags

There’s a few things that I can do as a mom that bring joy to my kids without too much effort.  (This in effect also brings great joy to me!)  One of those things is to greet them with hot fresh cookies after school which they LOVE and look forward to.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to time it just right, but when I do–my payment is the smile on their faces or the squeals I hear when they open up the door and smell hot fresh cookies.  Yes, I want this memory seared in their brains so that someday when they are away from home and they smell fresh hot cookies, they will remember me, think of home and feel a bit of love and joy.

Joyful Children

The other thing that brings smiles to my kids’ faces is when I get out seasonal decorations.  It makes home feel so “special.”  They want to help, be a part of it somehow and really “doll up the place!”  For some reason kids love decorations but they also love being a part of it.  One thing that I have found with my kids is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to delight them with some paper decorations that they can help create or some you’ve made yourself.  The important part is not how much it cost but rather the joy it brings you and your family.  When I have a lot going on and I want my “decorations” out, all I have to do is mention it to my kids and they are willing to not only get them out, but also put them up for me.  It’s a win, win for everyone!

Is there something that makes your heart smile?  I am learning to “watch” for those things that not only make me really happy, but also makes my kids really happy.  Now I don’t want you to think that I make cookies every day for my kids,  I don’t… but I do make them often.  When I’m not in the mood for cookies, but I still want the loving reactions from my kids, I carefully plan an after school snack and put them on these dollar store “lunch trays” with something in each spot.  They still LOVE it!!  It sure helps make the transition, when they get home, a happy one!  They are then more inclined to “listen” as I line out the chores for the day and free time options.  Yes, hot cookies are wonderful!!

Have a Happy Day!


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