Did you see the Great American Eclipse?

Okay, I’m not a science buff and I can’t explain all the technical aspects of the solar eclipse but what I can say was that IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  It was so fun to experience “totality!!!!”  (You should hear me say that in my cool 60’s voice!! ha ha)  It sure made for some fun picture opportunities with everyone wearing those stylin’ eclipse glasses!!

So what I experienced with my 3 older kids who traveled with me to the “line of totality” was a fun tailgate party atmosphere with snacks, popcorn and all sorts of junk to eat.  We had a blast talking about being able to see stars in the middle of the day and the moon shadows, etc.  All the hype leading up to the eclipse was just as fun as the eclipse itself!  It got cool, like dusk, and then when it hit totality we were able to take off our stylin’ glasses and look right at the sun with that diamond ring around it!  It was pretty awesome!  We did see a star…. or it could have been a planet…but it was super neat.  There was also this awesome sunset we saw. There was so much to “take in” all at once!  We saw the moon bands and when I looked at the video my daughter took there were some shooting stars, but there was so much  going on then, that we didn’t see them until we watched the video.  What a fun time!

What a fun experience to see with my older kids.  My husband stayed at home with the younger ones so they didn’t seriously “burn their eyes out!”  It worked out great and we all had some fun things to remember.

What I loved most about the eclipse was the silly pictures we took together!  When I have looked back at old picture albums, it’s not the alligators or elephants I like to see, but the pictures of me and my family!  That’s what really matters most!

Happy Day!


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