Back to School!

Sending my kids back to school brings mixed emotions for me.  I love getting back on “schedule” again, but I LOVE having all my kids home.  Even though summer can get pretty crazy, having my kids home makes me feel happy inside.  Well, let’s be honest, it can make me feel crazy inside, too, when they may be fighting or teasing each other to tears.  Does that happen at your house, or is it just mine?Either way, I love to take first day of school pictures of my kids.  They are always so excited when they are younger, and then as they get older, they seem to be “too cool” for the pictures… but they entertain me anyways!  Have you seen some of the creative ways out there that people take back to school pictures?  There’s some pretty neat pictures!  I kept it simple this year and added a simple chalkboard to document what grade the kids were going into. 

I like having my pictures a little more “real,” and untouched because that is what I will remember.  That is what makes my heart smile!  It’s that my little ones always come out to have first day of school pictures with their older siblings in their pajamas with bed head!  Why??….because they just woke up!!!  I

Keeping it "real" for Back to School!
Yes, our dog really does “photo bomb” us every year! He looks forward to it!!! 🙂

seriously wouldn’t wake them up during the “get ready” phase of our morning!  That would be crazy!  The younger kids that are not in school don’t need to be in a hurry to wake up….that would just make things even more crazy!

Those mornings with lunch making, bad hair days, “can’t find my shoes,” “I forgot to do my homework”, “I don’t want to go to school”, “stop bothering me”, “I need treats for my class,” “my alarm didn’t go off!”, etc……are kind of making me cringe to think about!  I have absolutely loved watching my kids play outside the last few days!  They are swinging, playing games, jumping on the trampoline with the kittens…. ha ha!  Yes, that really did happen and I have proof!  What fun kids!

It’s been a wonderful summer!  I look forward to seeing the growth in my kids throughout this school year.  It’s so fun when they learn something new and want to come home and tell you all about it.  It’s so fun to make cookies and anticipate the kids coming home to smell something yummy baking in the kitchen!  Enjoy these days!  They sure go too fast!  Childhood is fleeting, my kids are growing up and I just want to hold on to them!  Hug your kids today!  It goes way too fast!

Happy School Days!


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